Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet little cuties...

I have loved these cute little Japanese fabrics since spying them on other blogs. This clever gal is having a give away featuring these in a charm pack :o) Hope I win!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Love the colors

I love the colors of this easy quilt. This would be a nice quilt for a quick gift.
Moda's Bake Shop
is just my style of bakery! LOVE the if I could only stay away from the other type of bakeries my caloric intake would be better!! She includes a nice tutorial here.

Girls camp ideas...

I am in search of craft ideas for girls camp. Yes....I am in charge of crafts at girls camp this year :o) Let me know if you have ideas that would be great for girls ages 12-17!

I saw this little coaster. Here is the link to the podcast with a tutorial. would be quick, not expensive and could use some mod papers! Possibilities....

A pretty little bag

I saw these little bags here and thought they were just too cute. She had found them here with a tutorial.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Storage Cubes

This gal is just too clever. I love her little storage cubes... will have to make some myself!She includes a wonderful tutorial....a must see :o)

Baby burp and bibs

Moda Bake Shop has cooked up these cute burp and bibs. What I especially like about these bibs is that you can change the neck straps and use on any of the other cute bibs. These is very easy to make and oh so cute! Tutorials are included also which is a major plus!

Learning Activities

A couple of moms have started this blog of learning activities for their toddlers and children. I really like their ideas! They are quite talented and clever. Check them out.
Here is the link to this first picture.I had done a couple things similar to these with my kids when they were little, but not near as cute and clever!

Little Girl Bracelet

I saw this very cute little 'bracelet'. This clever gal includes a tutorial to make it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Disappearing 9 patch

This is a great block! I have done quilting for quite some time now and I can usually spot the 'secret' to the block. But this one got me! It's great and as this gal put it...."easy peasy!!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

Finished bags

Here are the finished bags from the fabric I showed you yesterday. I think they are just too cute....but that is my own humble opinion ;o) I will put a box of crayons in the front pouch and other assorted goodies that will help keep a toddler occupied! There are pockets on the inside also.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winnie the Pooh and More

Hi! I thought I would share one of my recent projects that I just finished. I made this little quilt as a sample for a local shop where I will be teaching t-shirt quilts. I think it turned out cute. You can't loose with and of the Disney characters :o) They are just fun and bring back memories.

These fabrics are for a quilt that a friend of mine is making for a grandson. I love the fabrics! This is a quilt as you go pattern. I will share the finished quilt when it gets done. These fabrics are for another project I am working on now. They are turning out so so cute! I will share when they are done too :o)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kids apron and hat

This is for my friend Diane who had an interesting time finding a child's apron pattern! (It's too late for her, but we can enjoy it!) And here is a chef hat to go with it. Tutorials are included.
The fabrics are Michael Miller's. They have some FAB fabrics!

Rooms I like

I am findng rooms that I like from people's blogs. I didn't want to loose the ideas so there they are:
  1. Kitchen - I like the light and color of the room
2. Laundry Room - liked the shelf and colors. She shows every bargain thing she used and painted. Amazing gal!

Keepsake valentine photo

I liked this valentine. I liked the way this photographer photoshopped it! (is that a word?) She gives instructions that I think even I might be able to do :o) Question - can I get the blurry background on my little canon? I don't have a nice fancy camera.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine treasure

I was standing in Michael's yesterday and there were these tins at the register, and I knew that I had seen something cute having to do with them. But darn if I couldn't remember what it was!! So I just found the idea I had seen and figured I had better mark it before I forgot again!! Brother - I have this blog for a reason you know :o)
This clever gal has her instructions here. Now I will have to go back to Michael's to buy them since I wasn't smart enough to buy it then :o(

Kids dressed for winter!

I had a muff as a child and I have thought what a cute idea for grand daughters, but have forgotten the idea until I saw this! I can see it made in either minkie or fleece. Here is a pattern for the muff and a cute beret.

Toddler Touchy Worm

I also found this cute little worm. I can see this made in different textured fabrics also. The pattern and instructions are included here.

Baby shoes

Since I saw some very cute baby shoes in Salt City City at a quilt shop, I have been looking for a pattern. This one is pretty cute. They have instructions and pattern here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


My family loves krispy treats....they are so quick and easy too. These little gems are a great idea. Why is it that something always looks better when someone else does it?? It always tastes better too for some reason. She gives great directions and pictures :o)

I had to edit this post with some more of her fabulous ideas!
How fortunate for us that some people are soooo clever!

I lOVE cinnamon bears. Someone told me I had to try chocolate covered cinnamon bears and I thought they were crazy! But oh my!.....I was the crazy one....they are THE best!
So here is a hot little valentine for you!

Necktie Valentine

I have a bunch of old ties from my sons and husband. I will be making a quilt from them, but I saw this little project. So I may have to make a couple of these too!
She gives very nice instructions.