Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I want to be her neighbor!

This gal makes these for her neighbors! They look so delish....I want to be her neighbor!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Got Jeans??.....Got Quilt!!

Here is a nice pattern for using up all those jeans you've been saving. I've been saving up some jeans and I like the way this quilt is put together. This is a 'will do' project!
Here is the pattern to download.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Candy and Quilts....Life is Good

I am having WAY too much fun with this blog....too many fun, cute things to make and do and so little time!

Okay - check this out.....I have seen something like this done before, but this was a little different so I thought you would enjoy it too! Will have to add these to my next shopping list!She gives her instructions here. She's a quilter also, so they must be good! Enjoy!

Flower Pinwheel Paper Toy

This is the CUTEST pinwheel! I will definitely have to make these! You are also able to download the pattern. So cute!!Here is a picture of the back detail. The website for her adorable paper is here.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snowflake Ornaments

I blogged a little earlier about chains....these aren't chains, but they are made with the same idea. I found them fascinating. Will have to try this one too!

Chalkboard Table

Okay, this probably isn't something I would make, but I still found it fun! This is a clever mom.

Paper Chain

I must have paper chain on the brain! We did them last night at our church Christmas party and then we did them again in our Nursery class at church. But I like these because they are made with such cute paper. Here is where the paper she used for her little gift came from. I love the papers at this link. The paper is this picture came from a kit from here.

Snowman Jar

I like the idea of reusing containers. This is such a cute idea.
She's giving it to her mailman! Look at her clever label.

Magnetic Advent Calendar

I LOVE this Advent Calendar! It's made on a cookie sheet with little magnets. How cute it that! I could do one of these.....of course it would be WAY more fun with friends! Any takers? Maybe next year for sure!!

Bag topper

I had seen this done before but had forgotten about them. This is a nice change from the tissue paper coming out of the bag thing.

Homemade Holiday Gift - Cookie Dough

Now, THIS is the way to give Christmas cookies! Let them do the baking :o)
It's so cute though that I don't think they would mind the baking! She includes a directions.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Peppermint Marshmallows

Here is a cool recipe from Little Birdie Secrets for peppermint marshmallows. These look sooo yummy for hot chocolate. People will think you are clever when you serve these little goodies!

Krispy Treat Gift

Now this is just too easy and fun for a quick gift. Found this on Schlosser Designs. She includes the recipe for a single serving krispy treat plus the cute topper in a PDF file for you to use! How Sweet is that??

Not Your Momma's Rubber Gloves!

I saw these on Little Birdie Secrets. Check them out! So cute! They would be adorable if given with a matching apron! She also gives great instructions. Guess what you guys are getting for Christmas?!
Here is the link of some cute Oil Cloth.

The reason I started this blog...

I had seen some very cute ornaments using felt and I went back to look more closely at them and couldn't find them. I searched and searched, but to no avail. I have started to make them as I remembered them. This is a start of them. If you remember seeing something that used these things...let me know!
I just love the colors. They remind me of candy. I will post when I get some of the ornaments finished. But you know where the post is that I can't find.....then you get a prize! I will make you one of the ornaments :o)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun Glitter Playdough

I found some more worthy things to post about!

This glitter play dough looks like fun. Will have to keep this for Grandma Day Camp some day!

I decided to start a new blog! I decided to start this one to post all of those wonderful, fun, creative things I find on the web to make or think about making or to dream of and when I go back to find the item...I can't find it! Thus the "Where Did I See That?" name :o) So here goes......
I saw these cute little candy cane holders. Aren't they just too cute! They can be found here.

Laurie Furnell has such cute clipart. The graphic for cute little guys can be found here.

I love this advent calendar. Here's how to make it! It's different and filled with fun activities for the family as they count their way down to the BIG day!

I really like Bakerella. She really has cute things. Here is her latest!

Aren't you LOVING my new blog?!! I I won't loose those cute, cute ideas!'s a couple of more for this first post:

I like this Christmas quilt that this mom made from this pattern. This is really a cute pattern that looks quick and easy. And I just love it in these Christmas fabrics!

The same mom also made this cute quilt made from scraps.