Sunday, March 22, 2009

Coupon and food storage blogs

My friend Kristen posted about her getting her first things for free! I'm so proud of her :o) My daughters have couponed in the past and have done well also. I'm not so good at it :o( But Kristen posted about this blog where she lists deals. Some of them are not in our area, but some you can use anywhere.

PS - I saw Kristen's pettiskirt today and it is just as cute and fluffy in person as it is on her blog! Just thought you'd like to know ;o) (I'm still looking locally for an outlet for the nylon chiffon. If anyone knows of one here in Maryland let me know)


I have found a couple more blogs for couponing and a coupon system that is cheap.

This gal blogs about Couponing but shows not only her little bounties and what she saved, but she has women from across the country contribute.
I have really enjoyed reading her blog and then she has links to this blog done some friends who are really into self-reliant living and they have all kinds of tools to help simplify things. These are all young moms with young families making it work for them and willing to share what they are learning. I LOVE their Excel spreadsheet here for the 3 month supply of meals. In these trying and uncertain times, it is such a peaceful feeling to have the knowledge that you are prepared to feed your family in case of a job lose or any myriad of reasons. Is nice to be self reliant and to know that your family won't go hungry. She has a tutorial on how to use her spreadsheet for her 3 month supply of meals.

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